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Our Members Love Making Dogging Videos

What's the point of having sex in public if you're not going to share your daring exhibitionism in the form of some dogging videos? Many of our members regularly upload videos of their latest exploits for other members to watch! Some of them even bring along a friend to film for them!

Adding videos to your profile will help you get more attention from other doggers on our site. Think of it as if you're using Facebook; you'll get more 'likes' along with some 'friend requests' (well...'outdoor sex requests' in this case!). Some of our members almost compete to get the most fans of their videos!

Share Your Dogging Pictures

In addition to your dogging videos, you can also share your pictures. Now, we're not talking about a boring profile photo where you just flash a smile hoping to get laid out of it. What we mean is a picture that shows you in the middle of something very naughty!

How about a snap of you while experiencing blowjob bliss in your Vauxhall Astra? Or a photo where you're having a good back door sex on the bonnet of a car? Here at ComeDogging, members have posted their sexiest and naughtiest dogging pictures while doing the nasty in their cars, and it has helped them come a long way in meeting up with other kinky doggers.

How To Share Your Dogging Photos And Videos?

Take your dogging photos and videos today and share it with us at Come! It's really not that hard to share your pics and footage - all you need to do is upload them into our site from your computer or your phone and then watch the messages start rolling in! You can even black out your eyes if you want to keep your hobby secret!

Want to make your photos a little more interesting? Try to learn some frisky dogging positions like the 'backseat cowgirl', 'reverse buckaroo', 'at the wheel', 'the wheelbarrow', and the 'front and center', and have your videos and photos taken while doing the moves. Remember, the most popular members and participants here in our site are the ones with the best snaps and video clips!

Ever Heard Of Dogging Kate?

If Jenna Jameson is known as the mainstream celebrity of all pornstars (earning her the title 'The Queen of Porn'), then the girl that goes by the name of Kate is the top star among female doggers. Just type the keywords 'dogging Kate' on Google, and you'll see a lot of videos where she engages in kinky public orgies. In her videos, you can see her getting down with strangers in a public scenario, where she gives her sex partners a real show, including positions like the 'left to right' (basic stance for a blowjob) and the 'on the hood' (having sex on the bonnet of the car).

If you want to experience the same outdoor adult fun with other doggers, then sign up for free at today. As an etiquette before you meet and fuck them, make sure you’re clean, bring with you some condoms for protection, and be appreciative and respectful to the ladies. They may not be the actual Kate, but you’ll experience the same sexual pleasure with like-minded women who are ready to give you the best night of your life!

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My husband and I like to go dogging with other couples and single men. Love the site - easy to meet doggers. Emma, 34

This site has the dirtiest doggers by far. Some are pretty full-on, but at least they are up for it. Jim, 43

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