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For some people, dogging isn't just a fantasy - it's a way of life. It has become more and more common following dogging documentaries. Fortunately, many of them are at, so we get a lot of very dirty dogging stories and diaries posted by members, sometimes with pictures from their last meetup! If you like reading about this kind of thing, you've come to the right place. Read below a sample of some of our favourite diaries and testimonials...

Isabella, 25 - "After a late night dinner in the city, my best friend Lily invited me to go 'sight-seeing' at a golf course lane. She mentioned something about 'discreet dogging', and I have to admit I had no idea what it was back then (I thought we were going to see some cute puppies in the area). When we reached the place, she handed me her binoculars as we hid behind a tree. I noticed some nice cars parked in the area, and to my surprise, there were some couples wildly going at it! I thought of leaving the vicinity immediately, but she convinced me to stay and watch anyway. I must confess that seeing those people fucking each other in public got me sexually aroused somehow, and since then I've gotten more curious about the whole thing. Proud to say that I'm a regular dogger now though I only join in when I'm feeling bold!"

Oliver, 31 - "One night my girlfriend and I decided to heat our sex life up a bit by doing it outside. I drove my Mercedes to a park, which is a very quiet and secluded place. We chose a dark area by the bushes, where we started kissing and then had sex in the bonnet of my car. Just when we were about to finish doing the dirty deed, a random couple came by the area. We hurriedly got back into our car all sweaty and naked, and I drove our way out of the park shivering in panic. Moral lesson: next time, just do it inside the car to be a little more safe!"

Anderson, 28 - "While watching TV, my wife came across this documentary of people having sex in public places at night. The idea of making love in the open got her curious, she then told me about what she saw in the telly, and she said to me she wanted to try outdoor sex while gently touching my crotch. Feeling quite excited as well, I drove us to a nearby wooded area at 10 in the evening (we made sure it was a nice and quiet place), and parked at a very dark spot. By the time we both got out of the car, she suddenly charged at me like a sex-crazed animal and kissed me like there was no tomorrow! I helped her undress, and there we were fucking each other like we've never done it before. I can say it was one of our hottest shag sessions ever!"

Dylan, 38 - "Dogging has always been my thing. I recently took a truly dirty woman I met on the site out for dinner at a local restaurant. After we got a little more comfortable with each other, and eventually our conversation led to that of sex. She'd never tried outdoor sex or any form of voyeurism before as she was too shy for it, and after a bit of reassurance I convinced her to give it a go. I took her back to my Peugeot, drove to the nearby car park, parked the car in the darkest corner of the area, and there we kissed and went immediately into the night's 'main event'. After the sex, she told me that it was one of the most exciting sexual experiences she'd ever had, and she'd be willing to go for another round!"

Some Dogging Testimonials From Our Members

Our site has been successful in connecting dogging couples and singles around the world. Whether you're a newbie who finds having sex in cars tempting and alluring, or someone who's been into the dogging arena for years now, then it's time for you to become part of our dogging community. Right here is the best place where you can experience some voyeuristic pleasure and sex in open spaces, and some of our members' dogging testimonials show how fun it is:

Duncan, 30 - "Thanks to Come Dogging, I’ve already met a lot of horny doggers, and glad to say I’ve had raunchy outdoor sessions with some members at a particular area in our local beach. Performed some great exhibitionism there and I enjoyed the nice views of couples fucking each other too!"

Harvey, 41 - "The site makes it easier for me to know when meetups are happening. Our Asda local car park is one of my favorite places for meetups, which is a small, remote area off the main road. Great for outdoor sex around 9 p.m. onwards."

Kelly, 27 - "I like using the site because it feels a safer way for me and my husband to meet genuine doggers. My most recent meetup was with 2 other couples - best outdoor sex ever!"

Camilla, 34 - "Truly glad I joined! I’m actually surprised that there are many dogging participants here in the city. Been having some nightly fun with fellow doggers lately; we frequently meet at a safe and secluded place where lots of couples go dogging at night. Just learned from a fellow member that a car park near my workplace is also a great spot."

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My husband and I like to go dogging with other couples and single men. Love the site - easy to meet doggers. Emma, 34

This site has the dirtiest doggers by far. Some are pretty full-on, but at least they are up for it. Jim, 43

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