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If you're quite fascinated by the idea of bringing your sex routine in public, then all you need to do is sign up free at and experience the pleasure and thrill of outdoor sex. Naturally, we always try to find something that will be able to take us away from the things that bore us, and if having sex under the sheets is getting a little too familiar, then you may want to try dogging for a change. As dogging has become more popular these days, more people are getting into the dogging scene in Luton. So, if you want to meet some Luton dogging contacts, then you have come to the right site!

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Lots of UK voyeurs and exhibitionists are taking their sex life to the extreme, and they meet up at the most secluded places in town where they can engage in public sex. Keep in mind that for any dogging meet, it's quite important for you to know the most discreet dogging locations, but you really don't have to wait long hours scanning dark parks and hidden alleys just to satisfy your mood. Here at Come Dogging, it is our goal to help our naughty members find these ideal places fast and easy so that they will be able to fully enjoy the experience!

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Looking for famous dogging spots in Luton? Then join free at Come Dogging and we'll give you the all information you need about the best locations for public sex sessions. If you want to experience some after-dark dogging action in discreet places, you can go to the woods located near the car park at Wigmore Park (Victoria Park Village), where you can watch raunchy exhibitionists having sex and you can also join the fun. Another suitable dogging spot is the small park located in the southern side of the Luton Airport, where you can see some dogging action around 10 p.m. onwards during weekends. Sign up free and learn more about the best dogging sites in Luton.

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My husband and I like to go dogging with other couples and single men. Love the site - easy to meet doggers. Emma, 34

This site has the dirtiest doggers by far. Some are pretty full-on, but at least they are up for it. Jim, 43

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